3 tips to prevent overeating

Overeating can be a challenging problem when you’re working from home and surrounded by food all the time.

Certainly we don’t want people to be hungry or deprived. Know your hunger signals, eat mindfully and don’t be just obsessed with food.

Give your body some time to adapt and be kind to yourself because overeating invites countless health problems.

1. Eat protein-rich breakfast

You have been under the misconception that skipping breakfast will save calories which you can utilize when your stomach begins to growl.

On the contrary, eating a super healthy breakfast in the morning can help you prevent overeating for the rest of the day.

Among all the food categories, protein consumes more time to digest. It stays in the stomach for at least 3 hours or maybe more due to the breakdown of long-chain peptide bonds.

Some studies have shown that eating a high protein breakfast reduces hunger and assists people in eating fewer calories for the day.

2. Set an eating schedule

One of the most important things you have to do to prevent overeating is making an eating schedule.

Eat portion-controlled and nutrient-rich meals throughout the day. If you’re skipping one meal or another, then you’re at a very high risk of overeating later in the day.

If you’re someone who forgets to eat, set reminders or alarms. It’s really important to be eating regularly throughout the day.

The healthiest way to eat is breakfast, lunch, dinner and a couple of snacks in a well-balanced way. Not everybody eats in an exact same pattern but ideally, your daily eating schedule should look like this:

  • Breakfast: 9 am
  • Snack: 11 am
  • Lunch: 1 pm
  • Snack: 4 pm
  • Dinner: 7 pm

3. Try volumetric diet

The volumetrics diet means you’re literally adding more volume to your diet to feel more satiated throughout the day and saves you from overeating.

By doing this, you’re eating low energy-dense food which has fewer calories.

Volumetrics depends on foods that have a lot of water in them. Eg. fibre rich foods, mostly vegetables and fruits. Because they make you fuller without adding too many calories.

The volumetrics plan teaches you how to make better food choices. This diet is a great strategy to satisfy your hunger and shutting out overeating.

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