11 tips for doing work from home

Now I wonder how the broadband providers will cope up with the current situation?   🤷‍♀️ 

Working from home is so wonderful but a little tricky at the same time. As there is nobody to watch you and you are your own boss.

We always have some extra time as we don’t have to commute, wait in the traffic and most importantly we can work in our pajamas 🙂

We are living through an unwanted situation right now where corona is highly spread around the globe and people are asked to work from home.

Even though working from home sounds easy and relaxing, it still requires to be organized and more productive.

So, below I have compiled some great tricks & tips for doing work-from-home:

  1. Organize your day like you do in your office, avoid delaying meal timings
  2. Choose a disturbance free work space
  3. Move your body a little once in a while. Avoid sitting continuously for hours
  4. Mind your posture. As you work for several hours, keep your back straight choosing a comfortable desk. Avoid slouching in front of the laptop
  5. If making a video call, blur your background that looks more professional
  6. Keep water bottle with you, so that you don’t forget to be hydrated
  7. Prepare meal beforehand
  8. Manage break times
  9. Avoid indulging unhealthy snacks, stock up your house with healthy snacks
  10. Avoid messing yourself around social media
  11. And most importantly, maintain peace with your roommates, spouses, siblings or whoever is there with you  😜 

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